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Ford Options at Maxwell Motors

This plan is ideal if you want to renew your car more often, benefiting from savings from future costs that can arise with long term ownership whilst being provided with the security of an Optional Final Payment.

The benefits of Ford Options

  • Replace your Ford more often - giving you the best safety, performance and economy every time you change.
  • Reduce your risk - your Optional Final Payment (OFP) protects you against unexpected falls in used car prices.
  • Flexibility - at the end of the agreement you can Renew, Return or Retain your Ford (see below)
  • Different agreement terms - choose either 12, 24 or 36 months
  • Deposits as little as 0%

Choose from three options at the end of your agreement

Option 1 - Renew your Ford

With Ford Options, you can enjoy all the benefits of a new car, more often. If you would like to renew your Ford you can trade it in with us or even sell it privately once you have settled your account. Any excess value over the Optional Final Payment (OFP) can be used as a deposit towards your next Ford.

Option 2 - Return your Ford

Your pre-agreed Optional Final Payment (OFP) gives you protection against any unexpected fall in used car prices. If you would like to return your car, we will complete a vehicle appraisal. Assuming your car is within agreed mileage, your account is up to date and in good condition (fair wear and tear expected) there will be nothing further to pay.

Option 3 - Keep your Ford

Ford Options also gives you the flexibility to own the car at the end of the agreement. All you need to do is arrange payment of the Optional Final Payment plus the purchase fee. We will contact you before the end of the agreement so you have plenty of time to decide which option is right for you and of course tell you about the new offers we have at the time.